July, my personal “real” New Year

Hello, reader!

Thanks for stopping by Muze Redux, I haven’t been too busy with the site recently.

Stick around and maybe that will change.

(The internet must hate my abuse of the <hX> tags)

This is one of those generic “looking to the future” posts that everyone loves to read </sarcasm>, so move on if you’re not in the Thought Catalog-esque mood.

July always feels like a new beginning to me, like the real New Year in lieu of that freezing cold one we have otherwise (or that other, slightly warmer one – but Chinese New Year still doesn’t hold a candle to my Hotter than July fashion). Besides, it’s easier to stick to a New Year’s resolution to get my keester in the gym every day when I don’t have twelve hours of schoolwork every day.

I just finished The Design of Everyday Things, so you can expect meditations on that to be coming up soon. Aside from that, here are my hopes for July:

  1. Languages: I signed up for the Arabic Summer Academy, and so far I’m really loving it! Aside from that I’d like to keep trying to learn French (you would think a language that shares my best-known alphabet would be easier – au contraire, mon ami, the lack of a teacher makes it difficult).
  2. Musical: I’ve teamed up with my friend and kinmate of several years Noizy Brain to try to get my songwriting skills off the ground, finally. I love having supportive friends, especially when they’re back from college for the summer!
    As far as instruments go, I’ll admit that I’ve been slacking off a bit. I need to get back to practicing bass, learning cello, and playing guitar and singing. I don’t think I have a great voice, but in a way I actually think that’s a blessing: Any guy should be able to sing what I can without straining himself too much, I want the music I hypothetically make to be hypothetically accessible to the hypothetical future generations of psuedo-punksters. Of course, that’s all a crazy fantasy I have. But we’ll make it work.
  3. Artistic: Still trying to get in a solid hour of practice at observational drawing every day in preparation for my college major. Succeeding about every other day!
  4. Mathematical/scientific/”INTP skills”: To compensate for the year I spent in statistics (which is a great thing to know, just not that math-intensive) I’m currently flipping through my precalculus book and relearning things that gave me trouble. Like remembering how the hell synthetic division works. Urk. Once I’m done with that, I’ll continue on to calculus, which will probably go a lot easier once I’ve got a solid precalc base under my belt.
    I wish I had time for chemistry, but I find the subject difficult and time-consuming and I would like some semblance of a social life and enough sleep this summer please, thank you very much. Sorry, chem guys. I’ll letcha know if things update.
    And of course, literature won’t ever leave my side. I can’t go a day without reading a book, and I love my bibliophiliac upbringing for that. 🙂

Here’s to a great month of July. Party on, cool dudes.


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