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What $31 Will Get You at A Book Sale


Seriously kids, pay attention to your local library! It could turn into one help of a shopping spree.

These are the books I picked up from the sale currently ongoing at the West Roxbury branch of the BPL. No copies of Ulysses, unfortunately, but I did nab an exquisitely worn edition of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, as well as Chaucer and Aeschylus.

There are also some epic nonfiction titles on the literary smorgasbord here. After today’s book, by the inimitable polymath Malcolm Gladwell, I think The Design of Everyday Things will be next!


Snow Crash is taking too long, but I don’t mind. >w<

I’ve spent the past two days reading through Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. I’m up to about page 400/468. Oh, well, I don’t feel too bad about this; it’s the longest book I’ve come up against by far! And it’s awesome, definitely a 5 star entry as far as I can tell. I’ll just enter it in as June 2nd’s entry, and then probably read a few Shakespeare plays to open the working week.

Stay classy, readers. 🙂